This is The Name of The Wind. Buy it .
Name of The Wind is my book suggestion of the year. I read it about six months ago and I'm still thinking about it. Це 'Best book' I має read in years, fantasy or otherwise.
The Name of The Wind needs...

Назва теми Wind потрібна для того, щоб продовжити book you read. And the next book after to, I can guarantee, will be the second in the Kingkiller Chronicles “The Wise Man's Fear.”

I am a Harry Potter fan, ви ймовірно є Harry Potter fan as well. Але, в роки since you read Harry Potter, you’ve grown up a bit. Це є kniha, що Harry Potter хлопці мають бути знайомі для. Це не book для Harry Potter fans…it's just a book that I think people who loved Harry Potter і є зараз у своїх 20-х або 30-х років буде REALLY REALLY ENJOY.

Я роблю цей book because Я був в магазині покупки і я tweeted “BOOK SUGGESTIONS PLEASE” and 12 людей suggested it. I am so thankful до those 12 людей.

The world is so deep, the stakes are so high, the characters so real, the mysteries so magical, the magic so mysterious, the plot so twisty...every day you haven't read it is a day in your life that could be better.

Як не маю цього review lightly…buy this book. Buy it now. На Amazon, або, preferably, на вашому місцевому book store.

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