The Spanish Minister of Economy has assured the clients of all Catalan banks and businessmen from the region their savings are safe amid the crisis from Catalonia, in which the region is struggling to declare its independence from Spain by the end of this week, reports Reuters.

“Catalan banks are Spanish banks and European banks, they are solid and their customers have nothing to fear”, assured Luis de Guindos during a conference in Madrid.

Guindos also commented on Spain’s King Felipe VI’s Tuesday evening speech, accusing separatist leaders of violating the principles of democracy that divided the Catalan society, claiming it was “fair and clear.”

Meanwhile, in Barcelona and other cities from Catalonia street demonstrations and general strikes paralyzed the entire province.

Separatist leaders promise that independence will be proclaimed by the end of this week, following a referendum in which 90% of those voted for self-determination.

The roads were blocked, Antonio Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia was closed, and the FC Barcelona team took a break from their training sessions.

Called by the main trade unions in order to paralyze this region with 7.5 million inhabitants, hundreds of thousands of people mobilized in the demonstrations including students, firefighters or simple citizens frustrated by Sunday violence and how the Spanish Government of Mariano Rajoy managed the crisis.