ANNOUNCEMENT DAY!  “How to Adult“ exists!  

Emma “Elmify” Mills and T. Michael Martin have teamed up with Hank and John Green to create “How to Adult,” a new edutainment channel dedicated to teaching you everything you need to know how to do as an adult that they never taught you in school.

We’ll be bringing you new episodes every Monday to help unravel the mysteries and vagaries of adulthood. How do you pay taxes? What do you do if you blow a tire? How the heck are you supposed to wash shirts with red-and-white stripes?! "How to Adult” is here to answer those questions and more, so that adulthood can be a little less overwhelming and a lot more awesome.

We couldn’t be more excited about this news. DFTBA!


John and I are teaming up with two of our favorite not-so-well-known YouTubers to help us all figure out HOW TO ADULT.

Not so simple as it sounds…I’m still not great at adult even after quite a bit of experience. Really looking forward to learning with these two and so happy to see how fantastically this intro video turned out.