06 6 / 2014

Either they don’t want to jinx it or they don’t want people to be disappointed, but I believe openness is almost always the best strategy. 

There is a chance (very slim) that TFiOS will be the biggest movie in the US this week. That’s a huge deal in the movie industry no matter what your movie is about. It makes your movie the movie everyone talks about for a week and tends to boost future sales significantly. 

However, when you’re putting a romantic drama about teens with cancer against a Tom Cruise action movie (that actually looks quite good), there isn’t any question about which one of them will win.

But now…a little bit…there is. 

Having TFiOS beat Edge of Tomorrow would be, like, ridiculous. It would be something that the movie industry would talk about for years. It might even be a broader signal that people are still interested in movies about people, instead of movies about explosions.

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with Edge of Tomorrow. I will probably go see Edge of Tomorrow…but I’m certainly not going to see it in the first week :-).

I just want to tell you that absolutely every single person who worked on The Fault in Our Stars is holding their breath this weekend for an extremely unlikely outcome. 

I am very nervous about it myself, despite the fact that I’m not that involved. I just want to say every person who is planning to go this weekend is one ticket in favor of that dream coming true. 

However, when they announce the box office sales, don’t be surprised if Edge of Tomorrow is on top because, yeah, duh, that is by far the most likely outcome.

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