08 11 / 2013

OK…so my friend Emma puts this video of her venting her frustration (with much profanity) about Google Plus on YouTube. It gets an overwhelmingly positive response…30,000 likes after like three hours of being online and less than 1000 dislikes.

And yet…let’s take a look at the “Top Comments” YouTube decided would be more relevant and important to me:

I think I have identified a couple of problems.

First, I assume Google has a very sophisticated spam filtering program but, apparently, it isn’t triggered by someone just typing the word “nigger” 85 times. So, yeah, let’s put some resources toward that.

Second, the algorithm is promoting controversial, not popular posts. Since the entitled assholes of G+ are arguing with Emma Blackery fans those comment threads are getting promoted and it looks like the majority of people (at first glance) disagree with her. In fact, the vast majority of people who watch the video agree with her, which is clear if you look at the “Newest First” comments.

Third, and this is maybe the more important point…YouTube is highlighting the comments from popular G+ users and, apparently, they’re dicks. Criticizing Emma’s (lovely) hair, making fun of the structure of what is obviously not meant to be a fucking Bob Dylan song. Calling her a “Clever little attention seeker” belittling her concerns and repeatedly referring to her as “entitled.”

These guys are who trolls grow up to be. 

This has been part of G+’s problem from the beginning, it’s used by a very small segment of mostly male, professional, egotistical, entitled people who can’t believe anyone would ever /not/ use Google+ because it’s so awesome…except when you do go use it, they get up in your face for “using it wrong.” 

If YouTube is going to just be giving voice to those people at the expense of the ACTUAL fans of the ACTUAL content then that is a MUCH DEEPER problem than linking up a dummy G+ account and then ignoring it forever. If they’re going to punish you for not being an active G+ user and not spending all of your social time on G+ then that indeed is evil and wrong and something I will not stand for. 

At the moment, I’m prepared to believe that these are just problems that were not anticipated and are going to be worked out. In the meantime, go to Emma’s video and vote those assholes down because they don’t deserve a voice in our community.

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