17 2 / 2013

  1. If you didn’t watch the last one, you don’t know how good this one was. 
  2. Chris Hardwick did an amazing job…took it seriously, was funny and smart and sincere and I like him as a person.
  3. Hannah Hart won the Streamy award for “most camera time at the Streamys” by being adorable and enthusiastic and wonderful.
  4. Also Hannah Hart won the Streamy award for “owner of Hank Green’s heart” by giving me and John a shoutout on stage.
  5. LBD won two streamies, but none that called the cast up onto the stage, which makes me a little sad, but, one must assume that they know how great they are and though the affirmation would have been nice, they have TUMBLR TELLING THEM THAT THEY’RE WINNERS EVERY DAY
  6. Grace Helbig was a big winner as well, and she deserves every single good thing that happens to her. 

The show overall was well done…but almost too well done for my liking. As the guy who puts on VidCon…I just hope no one expects that level of polish out of us…ever. It was nice to see the polish, but it, at times, conflicted with people’s feelings about the online video space which were either:

"This is web video…why are we pretending like it’s a big deal.” from the hollywood types


"This is web video, why aren’t we having MORE FUN!" from the actual internet people. 

I suppose it’s fine to have a whole show design and tons of advertisements and goose-bump / cringe inducing musical acts (depending on how you feel about the artists) but to me it didn’t feel like online video…it still felt like online video trying to imitate Hollywood…which we’ve done for too long already. 

But despite that, I enjoyed it, it was a great show and I’m very proud of all of my friends who won and who were involved and Ashley got to hang out with George Takei which is pretty sweet. 

Congratulations to all the winners…even to the Burning Love cast, who won the award that I thought LBD had hands down….but WHATEVER I’M FINE! I’m glad whoever’s doing the Streamys now is doing it because it was a hell of a lot better than last time. But if they ever want advice from me…I WILL GIVE IT…and it will read “Chill out. Just because internet video is a big deal doesn’t mean it’s the /same kind/ of big deal as traditional media.”

There’s a space where something can be a “big deal” without taking itself super-seriously. That’s where VidCon tries to live…and that’s where all internet creators (the great ones anyways) live every day.

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    Pretty much what I thought. Only thing I really, really disliked was the “make money, money”-part…
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    I totally agree with Hank even though I didn’t see the whole show.
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