30 1 / 2013


The first public demonstration of Pemberley Digital’s Domino Application.

Pemberley Domino is an application created in the labs of Pemberley Digital.

Link to Video - http://bit.ly/PDggd1

Link to  YouTube Channel - http://youtube.com/PemberleyDigital

Link to Twitter - http://twitter.com/PemberleyDig

Link to Facebook -http://facebook.com/PemberleyDigital

OK…out-of-universe here. Meaning I’m talking about this like a story, not like reality, which I don’t often like to do. I generally just suspend the disbelief and consider all of these characters to be real people living their lives and doing cool stuff and having drama.

But I am so so so into what we’re doing with Pemberley Digital. Part of the trick of telling a story through vlogs is that it’s hard to define relationships without conversations. So we often have characters walking in and out of rooms while the camera is on. 

This works, but it does eventually start to feel unnatural. Luckily, Pemberley Digital just happens to have been working on a tool that lets our characters share a screen intentionally and without having to be in the same place. Not only that, but actors can record scripts at home without needing to come on-location to shoot, making it more convenient for them and cheaper for us! And yes, that continues to be a huge issue with LBD, even with really strong growth and viewership.

You can imagine that this is something that might find use by a number of other characters.

SPOILERY CONTEXT FOR PEOPLE WHO DON’T KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON! — Pemberley Productions was founded in the 40’s by Darcy’s grandfather to make movies. After the death of his father and Darcy decided to alter it’s vision. Re-naming it Permberley Digital in 1998…and now, creating an application to allow for content-creation on the fly through the Domino application. 

Lizzie got an Internship with Pemberley, excited about their vision for changing the way stories are told, and then, later, was shocked to find that Darcy was her boss’s boss’s boss. This has been a source of some tension. But Gigi, Darcy’s little sister, became fast friends with Lizzie even as Lizzie starts to realize…maybe Darcy isn’t so bad. 

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