16 12 / 2012


How’s everyone doing on their thumbnails? To give you a bit of inspiration, we made a few examples of custom thumbnails using the templates on projectforawesome.com. Feel free to change the colors, include your charity’s logo, and be as creative as you want!

Some thumbnail FAQ:
How do you set a custom thumbnail on YouTube?
Not every channel has this feature enabled. Go to the Edit Info page of one of your videos in Video Manager, and the custom thumbnails button lives under the three automatically generated thumbnail options. If that button isn’t there, you won’t be able to upload a custom thumbnail. Please remember though, whether or not you have the thumbnail does not effect our featuring decisions.

Are there any workarounds?
 One thing you could try is putting the thumbnail as a still image for half of your video with (non-copyrighted) music in the background. Upload this as a private video and check if the thumbnail is one of the three automatically generated options. However, please note that YouTube’s algorithms now take into account watch time, so if everyone is clicking away from your video halfway through, it may negatively effect your search rankings. It’s up to you which you feel is more important.

I can’t get the PSD to work. What should I do?
If right clicking and clicking Save Link As doesn’t download the file, we also included full size JPGs that can be manipulated easily if you’re skilled in your preferred image editing program. The font we’re using for all official branding is Gotham, but since most people don’t have that font, we’re putting the charity names in Arial Black.

To get the custom thumbnail templates, please head over to the Thumbnails page on projectforawesome.com!

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