16 12 / 2012

The P4A IndieGoGo has officially launched and will be ending on Thursday the 20th (we wanted to end earlier, but we’re not sure how IGG counts down to the end of a campaign.)

There are a bunch of amazing prizes already featured, including items donated from Mystery Guitar Man, Wheezy Waiter, Felicia Day, and a bunch of other awesome creators. 

Oh, and also, we’ve been secretly creating the “Men of YouTube” Charity Calendar for like 5 months now, so I’m excited to finally announce that…which I will do more fully in the future. 

The way we’re doing our campaign is a little different from most kick-starter type things. Because IGG only allows 12 perks at a time, we will be launching NEW perks as old one sell out. We’re not going to tell you what those perks are, but they are very cool, and they will be, for the most part, $50+.

We wish we didn’t have to do this, but we didn’t realize there was a 12 perk limit until, like, yesterday, so we’re kinda stuck.

Also, unlike a lot of campaigns, you do not get all of the cheaper items thrown in when you get more expensive things. So if you want, say, the Calendar and John’s eBook, you’ll need to donate separately for each of them.

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    excitement! I already got something from the nerdfighter-art tier!
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    Signal boost! (I love how P4A falls on my birthday but it does mean I can’t really get as involved as I’m like cos I’m...
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