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TL;DR: We download / steal unavailable content not because it is the best content, but because we have to work for it and only a small number of people will do that work. For that reason, we can use that as a test with which to define our sub-culture. But I don’t know what it means that that sub-cultural entrance involves not only work…but theft. 

I disagree SO HARD. The reason so many Sherlock fans outside of the UK watched Sherlock illegally is because if they hadn’t, they would have had to wait months until they could legally watch it. And by that time, the first wave of excitement and fannish squee about Sherlock would largely be over. Who wants to miss out on the fannish sharing and squeeing and theorizing about how Sherlock survived just because the show won’t be legally available outside of the UK until months later? And this doesn’t just go for Sherlock, this goes for any TV show or movie. 

But my point is, we choose to care about Sherlock…why? I know it’s good…I frikkin’ love it, but I think that’s not the whole story. 

I’m asking us all to look a little deeper at our preferences, at our interests, at our culture, and it’s often very difficult to see even one level deeper than how we generally experience the world. But that’s what Nerdfighteria’s about right, a more complicated understanding. 

Why do we watch Sherlock while other of our peers are perfectly happy with American TV? Why does our culture make this collective choice. “It’s a really good show” is not the whole reason, it never could be. I think it’s because we want our choices to define us, and by choosing Sherlock we get to say more about who we are.

We say that we’re willing to work for our enjoyment. We identify with the culture of the fandom. We convey our ability to utilize the internet to access content that otherwise we wouldn’t have access to. We’re identifying ourselves not as citizens of a country but as citizens of the internet.

We’re saying “This is us, this is who we are.” These choices define us and they define our culture, and I think it points to something very interesting going on. I’m just not 100% on what it is yet.

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    …. I have no defense.
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    This is definitely an interesting read, and I do quite agree with most things said here.
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    AGREE STRONGLY with most of what akapine006 said. And all in all, an interesting issue to think about =).
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    Hank, I love you, but you are assuming Sherlock (and Doctor Who) are the only television shows we do this to. You’re...
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    respect your theory and all,...and watched it. And also Benedict Cumberbatch.
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    This is exactly why I don’t buy the whole “if we make it illegal enough pirating will stop” thing. I don’t do it because...
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    In reply to Hank’s post on SHERLOCK. Honestly, I just feel like most of us got into the show just because of how...
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    A great deal of fandom has to do with ownership. If “being a fan” is about enjoying something very much, “fandom” is the...
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    really interesting point. I’m not sure...only reason that people watch shows illegally...
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    Er…why would you need to buy a Region 2 DVD player? My laptop came from the manufacturer set to region (ie, unlocked,...
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    I totally agree - it’s not about the theft, it’s not about having to do the work, it’s because I find damn good shows...
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    i disagree. have...seen american acting?...atrocious. also,...
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    Very interesting commentary. I Think It’s ture. I wonder what it means for us as a generation or society?
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    I feel like any comment I make on this will totally incriminate me to, like, potential employers or something, but I...
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